Hi there!

My name is Felicia Bottos, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario. I am a recent OCAD University Graphic Design graduate of 2021. I have always had a drive for creativity and passion for design ever since I can remember. From drawing and painting, to sculpting figurines out of clay; I probably had every Klutz™ book that they’ve ever made; and thats where my passion for creating steamed from.

Today my passion for graphic design focus’ on conceptualizing innovative design solutions for print, publications, branding, advertising and social media applications across all traditional mediums and digital platforms.

Design can be interpreted in many ways. I see design about the user and how individuals will interact, react, or feel towards it. I strive to challenge myself to achieve new design solutions and milestones in my learning experience. I thrive in collaborative environments which allows me to bounce ideas off one another. I find that sharing different skills and perspectives is what creates a strong and powerful outcome. 

I find a lot of value within creative processes and design iterations. I appreciate the beauty and challenges in every step of the journey that it takes to achieve the end results.

Thanks for stopping by :)

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