1 mo.  |  2021

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Campaign Overview:
This is a collaboration between LCBO and Klovechef where wine lovers who struggle with food pairings can finally put their mind at ease.

For any selection of wine picked up in LCBO stores, simply ask Klovechef what dish goes best with it and our expert will come to the rescue with easy, globally inspired recipies. Whether you’re a lover of Riesling or Rosé, Klovechef will find you the perfect match and have you go wild for these combinations.

A contest will run in stores, to select a handful of individuals and a guest to participate in the live event, held on National Wine Day. LCBO will collect customer data by asking individuals to provide their email at checkout to be apart of the winning pool. In addition to the LCBO recieving the customer databse, their recipies from the food and drink magazine will be featured on Klovechef.

Event Overview - Klove&Wine:
A private invitation-based event will be hosted by Klovechef x LCBO with industry approved influencers.

With spirit expert Kris Bahamondes and chef Craig Napper, the duo will team up in leading a refined Klove&

Drink event combining wine tasting with relaxing and easy to make delicious recipies.

With a dose of warm hospitality, you’ll get cocktail inspirations for each recipie, plus behind-the-scenes expertise on how they’re made and how to enjoy them.


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