1 mo.  |  2020

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Kork is a new and upcoming line of wines that is highly focused on consumer satisfaction. They want to ease the shopping experience by creating a product that they know you will love at first glance. Since in today’s day and age we are all dependent on the reviews and opinions of others, this is especially true in the wine world. Kork’s solution to this problem is by bringing a design that won’t cause the consumer to overthink their selection or purchase. In addition, this also assesses the market of individuals who are new to the wine world and want to dabble in trying out different blends, but are unsure of where to start.

Some wineries tend to think less about their target customers, and the customer’s relation to the brand’s visual identity. Some brands have very generic visual identities that appear like they assume anyone would drink their wine; however, this is not a realistic approach even with products commonly used by everyone. The objective was to design a simple yet enticing brand identity and packaging label that will capture customers from afar. The label also serves as an informational design piece, as each label is uniquely shaped to the blend of wine.


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